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The Impossible To Move Railcar


With Steve Disher, Nothing Is Impossible

Not only was this an oversized load, it was a railcar. Heavy Haul, oversized and it was obviously a specialized haul. And quoted by the railroad, it was an impossible move. So we dedicated this one single railcar move to a page all of it's own.
It doesn't need a lot of description and pictures are worth a million words. It was removed and hauled with a lowboy and a driver that doesn't hear the word impossible.


December 7, 1998

The Railroad said that this "would be impossible to haul" because of the height of the bridge nearby. They anticipated that this railcar would be brought back shortly after departing. Silly guys. A lot to their dismay, S/D Enterprises did indeed pull this railcar through the tunnel and did not return. Bridge was 12' 6" and the height of the railcar on it's side was 10'7". This is the height of the railcar on it's side NOT on the lowboy used to haul it. You do the math.